“Working from Home” Short Film

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(Watch) Working from Home

(Watch) Working from Home



Like any business, a production house faces unique challenges when faced with a pandemic. At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, our producers worked to develop protocol and systems to ensure our staff and customers remained as safe as possible. To that end, we established the remote post-production infrastructure necessary to meet our clients’ needs and allow our employees to continue working from home. Digital Alliance cinematographers Shane Dresch and Bobby Dalley crafted a light-hearted piece to reflect that experience and comment more below:


The past few weeks Digital Alliance has been trying to post BTS videos more regularly. We haven't been on many shoots since the shutdown began. I thought it would be fun to give everyone a little view inside our world. My coworker (Bobby Dalley) and I have been roommates for a few years now, so it was pretty simple for us to transition into editing from home. That being said, would it be a healthy work environment without a few shenanigans?


We gave ourselves two days to film as many ideas as possible. Even if you have nowhere to go, it's always good to give yourself deadlines. We definitely received some weird looks and potentially bothered our neighbors a couple of times while shooting. It was hard not to crack a smile while Bobby was standing on the front porch in a bathrobe as joggers passed. I remembered to warn our neighbor downstairs before screaming out the window. Sadly, she did not see the message in time. Her response was, "Omg, I thought you were being attacked! Then I saw Bobby sauntering over, and realized you must be okay.". Needless to say, we've been officially labeled a disturber of the peace. 


Shane Dresch



Shane and I needed a reprieve from staring at our computer screens, and we were missing the production work that we're temporarily unable to do. We had several unused pizza boxes left over from a previous shoot, so we put them to good use!


Bobby Dalley


The demand for outward communication and messaging from our clients has remained strong, and we are humbled to be of help to their communities as they promote their causes, services, and products. While physical production slowed, post-production remained as strong as ever.

We look forward to sharing more behind-the-scenes looks at those videos and series in the weeks ahead, as well as ideas to help you continue crafting productions during this unprecedented time.

COVID-19 Production Standards


Bobby Dalley


Bobby DalleyBobby Dalley

Director: Shane Dresch

Cinematographers: Bobby Dalley & Shane Dresch

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