Implementing COVID-19 Standards & Capabilities

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With the health and safety guidelines regarding COVID-19 constantly changing, we have evolved and adapted with them. We have not only changed how we conduct ourselves on set, but also how we plan for a shoot, how we manage our time on production, and what equipment we are using.

When creating these guidelines we not only researched what others were doing, but we talked with every person in the company to give them a chance to weigh in and improve our protocol. We even spoke with our trusted freelancers on how we could make things safer for them. Our efforts have not stopped there. Every time we book a new project or complete production, we evaluate how we can improve for the safety of our clients, our crew, and everyone we may come in contact with.


Andrew McArthur
Production / Project Manager

COVID-19 Standards & Capabilities

Project / Production Manager

Bobby Dalley

Senior Producer

Bobby Dalley

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