The simplest way to answer this is to work out what are the objectives? What do you hope this video will achieve?
Who will watch it? How and when?
List the key messages / values that need to be conveyed to the audience. You might like to include examples.
Will this video appear as an advertisement on television? On social media? Which platforms? And how often? It’s also a good idea to include which outputs are expected. (For example, 1 x 30 second edit, 2 x 15 second edits).
When do you need the first draft? Will the client expect to make changes throughout the production process? When is the final deadline? Ensure that there is ample time from concept to completion, allowing the production company enough time to deliver a polished product.
As a client, you’ll have a budget in mind. The production team may come back to you with a quote that is higher than expected, but before freaking out, talk to them. A production team will always quote to achieve the very best result, and it pays to take their advice on what you should and shouldn’t skimp on.
This allows producers to see what’s already been done and to avoid using the same materials. It will help to establish a unique voice for your brand.
These could include logos, a style guide, fonts, graphics, colours, statistics, credits or information that legally must appear in any advertising material. It is ideal to provide these elements sooner rather than later.
Please attach any files (logos, style guides, etc.) that may be needed.
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    Be completely transparent with any obstacles that you foresee delaying the project – this is really helpful information for the production team.
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